Whistleblowers have provided invaluable insights to assist the Bankwest Class Action team piece together this elaborate and deliberate system, conduct, or pattern of conduct default of viable, performing commercial loans.

We are interested in receiving relevant information including but not limited to:

Acquisition and Settlement

  • Share Sale Deed Negotiations
    • Including any side deeds
  • PwC, KPMG  Audits of Post Completion Balance Sheets or E&Y Expert Determination
  • Warranty Claims against HBOS, other Post Acquisition Settlement Agreement(s)
  • Copies or knowledge of:
    • Relevant Documents
    • Emails / Correspondence


Information relating to CBA and / or Bankwest internal strategy and procedures used to unconscionably trigger Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) defaults.

  • Including revised valuation methodology instructions to valuers.


The role of receivers in engineering constructive (non-monetary) defaults.

  • Other unconscionable strategies involving insolvency practitioners / receivers.

Legal Proceedings

Dishonest Conduct in Legal Proceedings Including:

  • Deliberate Swearing of Dishonest Evidence
  • Deliberate Use of Deficient Discovery
  • Forgery of Documents

Whistleblower Protection and Confidentiality

The source of all information will be maintained in the strictest of confidence. Information can also be submitted anonymously by phone, post or email.