The new Matilda has reported further argument for a Banks Royal Commission, including  the wider finance sector:

Mr. McAuley is an adjunct lecturer in public sector finance at the University of Canberra and a fellow at the Centre for Policy Development.

The article cites public polling showing thirds public support for a Banking Royal Commission.

Importantly, it highlights that all measures currently enacted by the government will not look at the systemic issues and hold senior executives to account.

One pillar underlying the call for the #banksRC Royal Commission is the alleged unconscionable treatment of Bankwest commercial loan customers following the acquisition by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 2008.  The acquisition was led by Mr. Ian Narev, who is now the CEO of CommBank, and will appear before the government committee on 4th October 2016 for three hours.

Although the Bankwest Class Action has been established, a Royal Commission has far broader powers to investigate the troubling matter, with necessary power to discover documents and the resources to commit to a thorough inquiry of the matter.  Much evidence has already been obtained and a strong brief can be prepared for the commission.






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