Another Day, More Unconscionable Conduct from the CBA

Australia’s leading investigative journalist into banking misconduct, Adele Ferguson, has reported yet another case, highlighting the human toll  of CBA misconduct.

The initial story broke after efforts of CBA whistleblower Jeff Morris to bring serious, systemic misconduct to the attention of senior CBA management executives failed.

CBA CEO Ian Narev narrowly avoided a Royal Commission at the time the systemic misconduct was exposed by assuring the government that the bank would ‘set things right’.

Unfortunately for many of the victims, these assurances were hollow rhetoric and the CBA have clearly not reviewed claims and restituted victims in good faith and good time.

At the same time, the CBA continue to deny their actions towards Bankwest commercial loan customers following the acquisition of Bankwest in late 2008.

However, through ongoing research of the takeover, a fully funded  Bankwest class action has now been established, that allows victims of CBA misconduct to join a legal action with the view to holding the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to account for it’s actions and seek financial restitution.





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