Bankwest Class Action Proceedings Commenced

Sydney Law Firm hall Partners have initiated the first and only legal class action against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) relating to treatment of Bankwest Commercial loan customers, following the CBA’s acquisition of Bankwest in 2008.

The proceedings have been commenced in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Members who fit the definition of class members and choose to join proceedings benefit from:

  • Security of a fully-funded class action.
  • No upfront cost or contribution required.
  • Group members not exposed to liability of an adverse costs order.
  • Legal team experienced in both bank litigation and class action.

This class action allows eligible members to join together with a common goal to hold the CBA to account for it’s actions in a fully resourced legal action not otherwise possible for an individual due to the inequity of resources and unethical tactics used by the bank against individuals during the litigation process.